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Canadian Milling

With flours from the wheat crops around the world, ADM Milling works for you.


The vast, rolling plains and cool, arid climate of Canadian wheat country produce some of the finest-quality spring wheat varieties in the world.  We mill that superior grain into flours that meet a full range of baking specifications.

Bakery Mix Portfolios


Durum Semolina -  
Achieve pasta perfection with our golden-yellow, course-ground Durum Semolina.  Its mid-range protein level helps dough roll and stretch with ease, with adequate strength to withstand necessary handling.  In addition to premium pasta products,  Durum Semolina is a change-of-pace medium for thick-and-chewy or cracker-thin and crunchy pizza crust.

Moisture %:  14.0
Ash %:  ~0.75
Protein %:   ~12.0

Monarch Hi Ratio Cake Flour -
Our lowest-protein flour, MonarchTM Hi Ratio Cake Flour is chlorinated for maximum absorption and a fine, soft, brilliant-white crumb.  Able to accept high ratios of sugar, eggs and liquid, Monarch Hi Ratio Cake Flour produces beautifully light, moist, plush cakes that keep very well.  Use it for all cake creations, including layer cakes, cupcakes, angel food cakes and decorator sheet cakes.

Moisture %:  13.7
Ash %:  ~0.45
Protein %:   ~7.0

Monarch Pastry Flour -
With a little more protein and slightly higher ash content than its hi-ratio counterpart, Monarch Pastry Flour is bleached, supple cake flour.  It is best-suited for donuts, low-sugar-ratio cakes, muffins and pastries.

Moisture %:  13.7
Ash %:  ~0.50
Protein %:   ~8.5

Glenrose Pastry -
Glenrose Pastry contains a component profile identical to Monarch Pastry, but in unbleached form.  It is a natural for cookies, pastries, muffins and pie crusts.

Moisture %:  13.7
Ash %:  ~0.50
Protein %:   ~8.5

Harvest Queen and Three Stars -
Serious bread bakers appreciate the high mixing tolerance and uniform results provided by Harvest Queen™ and Three Stars™.  Both are excellent choices for hearth and pan breads suitable for straight doughs.

Moisture %:  14.0
Ash %:  ~0.55
Protein %:   ~13.0

ZF Plus and Triumph
The ideal medium for zero-fermentation baking, ZF™ Plus and Triumph™ are commercial-baking staples.  They are ideally suited for hearth and pan breads, as well as variety breads and hard rolls.

Moisture %:  14.0
Ash %:  ~0.58
Protein %:   ~13.0 

Hickory -
As rustic and robust as its name implies, Hickory™ is a high-ash, high-gluten, extra-strong specialty flour for hearty, dark, chewy creations.  Use it alone or in conjunction with our other bread flours and/or specialty wheat flours for one-of-a-kind rye, variety and multigrain breads and rolls.

Moisture %:  14.0
Ash %:  0.75-0.90
Protein %:   13.0-16.0

Special Whole Wheat Flour and Stone Ground Flour -
For your own unique creations, choose from our menu of Special Whole Wheat Flour and Stone Ground Flour.  We meet your needs by milling and stone-grinding top-grade wheat in various granulations, protein levels and ash contents.  The finest whole wheat breads and rolls should start with the finest spring wheat, milled to perfectly fit your applications.

Moisture %:  14.0
Ash %:  1.30-1.60
Protein %:   13.6-15.0

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