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Caribbean Milling

With flours from the wheat crops around the world, ADM Milling works for you.


The Caribbean doesn’t just boast brilliant, sunny skies and miles of breathtaking beaches; it is home to thousands of wheat-crop acres in Barbados, Curacao, Jamaica, Grenada and Belize that produce a wide variety of high-quality flours. Contact us for more information.

  • Bakery Flour - Milled from high-protein, spring and winter wheat blend.  Ideal for white breads, rolls and pan breads
  • Counter - Soft wheat flour for cookies, crackers and dumplings
  • Whole Wheat Flour -
    100 percent whole grain, spring wheat flour for whole-wheat bread and rolls and variety breads
  • Cake and Pastry Flour -
    High-ratio cake flour for all types of cakes
  • All-purpose Flour -
    Wheat flour for cakes, breads and tortillas
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