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Dri-Mol® dry molasses powder
Our original dry molasses product, made from pure blackstrap molasses to impart a rich, dark color. Used for variety and other breads, sausage and other meat products, cookies, health foods, mixes, and cereals.

Dri-Mol 604 dry molasses powder
Dri-Mol 604 dry molasses powder is made from a light-colored molasses to provide a milder flavor and more subtle color in cookies and specialty breads.  

Dri-Mol 60 dry molasses powder
Similar to original Dri-Mol molasses powder but made from lighter molasses to provide milder flavor and more subtle color in baked goods and specialty breads.

De-Mol® dry molasses powder
Contains 70 percent molasses on a dry basis. Dark-brown color designed specifically for cakes, cake mixes, and food products where low water absorption is desired.

Sweet’n’Neat 4000 dry molasses powder
Contains 75 percent molasses solids on a dry basis, providing maximum flavor and color impact. Used in variety breads, cookies, muffins, gingerbread, and other mixes.

Sweet’n’Neat 65 spray-dried molasses powder
Free-flowing, tan-colored molasses powder produced by spray-drying liquid molasses with maltodextrin. Contains 65 percent molasses solids on a dry basis.

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