Pregelatinized Flour

Pregelatinized Wheat Flour –Aquatex
Aquatex is used throughout the industry as a binder in food, pet food and industrial applications. It offers a desirable creamy white color for color sensitive application’s in which wheat gluten allergen issues are not a concern. The flour is fully cold-water soluble, which helps in coatings and extending shelf-life.  In addition, it controls moisture migration.

Pregelatinized Corn Flour-Larodex
Larodex is useful in many applications where a corn flour label is preferred.  The lack of U.S. allergen labeling requirements for corn allow for great diversity in applications.  Larodex has excellent binding properties, is cold-water soluble, and can be used as a milk and/or fat replacement in many formulas.   Larodex offers a full yellow corn color and taste.

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