Prolite® 100 Wheat Protein Isolate enhances reduced-sugar baked goods, cereals, cluster bars and other processed foods.  It also improves freeze-thaw performance in frozen-to-oven applications, while delivering fresh taste and texture.  It can reduce or replace egg or dairy proteins in a variety of baked or processed foods, and will form a foam when whipped with water.  This functionality makes Prolite 100 perfect for applications requiring texture and mouth feel, such as desserts, sauces, fillings and cakes.

Moisture %:  6.0
Ash %:  1.0
Protein %:   90
Country of origin USA

Prolite® 200 is designed to impart a firmer texture than Prolite®100, but a much softer and lighter texture than traditional wheat gluten ingredients.  Its softer texture and lower molecular weight allow for a unique flavor and textural advantage in traditional or better-for-you applications.  It forms an elastic dough in water, but is not as functional as vital wheat gluten, making Prolite 200 a great textural enhancement to cakes, cookies, brownies and whole-grain products.

Moisture %:  6.0
Ash %:  5.0
Protein %:   85
Country of origin USA

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