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Kansas Diamond White Whole Wheat Flour







Moisture %: 14.0
Ash %: ~1.5
Protein %: ~12.5


Nutritionists tout the merits of whole grains, yet many consumers still prefer the soft texture and light crumb color of refined baked goods.  What to do?  Choose ADM’s Kansas Diamond® White Whole Wheat Flour.

Kansas Diamond White Whole Wheat Flour is prepared by carefully selecting and milling hard white wheats to ensure that the process yields a light-colored, yet fiber- and protein-rich flour.  The product conforms to US Standard of Identity for whole wheat flour (21 CFR Part 137).

The mild, sweet taste and smooth texture of Kansas Diamond White Whole Wheat Flour produces consumer-pleasing results in virtually any baked good that also could be made with traditional, whole wheat flour.  Pizza crust, tortillas, breads, buns, bagels, pasta and cookies all can help meet USDA My Plate’s “make 1/2 your grains whole” goal, thanks to the whole-grain benefits of 100 percent whole wheat Kansas Diamond.


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