Wheat Gluten

Our abundant, high-quality wheat supply translates into high performing vital wheat gluten.

Vital wheat gluten is a natural source of protein, adding functional value to many foods.  Derived from wheat flour, vital wheat gluten provides unique viscoelastic properties to foods, while being label-friendly, especially in bakery applications.

At ADM, we have an abundant and ready supply of wheat to produce vital wheat gluten as well as an expert technical staff that conducts extensive product testing make sure you can get the right gluten product for your needs. 


  • Provim ESP
  • Whetpro 75 & 80
  • Prolite
  • SQ 48
  • Meatbind 3000
  • Supergluten 80

Vital wheat gluten adds quality and value characteristics to a variety of food applications by providing: 

  • Water absorption and structure building in whole-grain and artisan breads;
  • Strength and film forming in frozen dough applications;
  • Enhanced baking and mixing fermentation tolerance;
  • Extended shelf life in bakery goods;
  • Reduced breakage in pasta applications;
  • Binding and emulsification in vegetarian applications;
  • Structure and enhancement in cereals and snacks; and

Texture adjustment and toughening in pasta and noodles, especially under excessive heat conditions.


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