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In today’s marketplace, ingredients are just the beginning of success.  You need more than high-quality, affordable flours, blends and other baking ingredients to make your business successful.  You also need a partner who consistently supplies those ingredients, plus provides unparalleled technical assistance, research investment and customer service.

At ADM Milling, we’re in business to support your business – with a wide selection of ingredients to create foods that meet the changing tastes and lifestyles of today’s consumers. 

We back every one of those products with our comprehensive global research and development network, constantly testing new formulations and applications.  If you have a specific formulation challenge or product development goal, we stand ready to put our Bakery Platform team to work. 

And, thanks to one of the world’s largest transportation network, you can be confident your product will get to the right place at the right time.

We are one of the largest flour millers in the world.  But we also strive to be the most quality-conscious, research-oriented and customer-focused milling company.  Whether you’re targeting indulgence or health, ADM Milling is committed to helping you achieve your bottom line without sacrificing taste or quality. 

Our Responsiblity

At ADM, food safety depends on every Mack, Steve and Billy.

 Cleveland Milling team

Connecting 33 wheat farmers. 52 millers. Thousands of bakers. And everyone who loves good bread.

 Spokane Milling team
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