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Product Code: 410217

NOVATOL 5-67 is a clear, amber color, viscous oil having a slight characteristic vegetable oil aroma and a mild taste. NOVATOL 5-67 may oxidize upon exposure to air and light, resulting in gradual darkening. Nitrogen blanketing and protection from light, from heat, from transition metals and from alkalis are recommended. NOVATOL 5-67 is a concentrated form of natural source d-alpha-tocopherol derived from edible vegetable oils. Research indicates that the human body prefers the natural source Vitamin E, such as NOVATOL 5-67, over the synthetic forms. Moreover, based on the Food and Nutrition Board Expert Panel report on Vitamin E, d-alpha-tocopherol has twice the activity of synthetic forms, which means that natural Vitamin E is 100% more effective. (Dietary Reference Intakes For Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, and Carotenoids. 2000. Vitamin E , National Academy Press, Washington, D.C.,186-283.) NOVATOL 5-67 is an essential nutrient and dietary supplement widely used in softgel capsules and liquid preparations.

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