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Product Code: 092310

Potassium citrate is a highly soluble monohydrate salt, derived from citric acid and available as a white crystalline granular material. This product is very hygroscopic and must be protected, during storage, from exposure to high temperatures and relative humidities. Potassium citrate may be used as a partial or complete replacement for sodium citrate when reduced sodium or sodium free products are desired. Federal Standards of Identity for processed cheese allow the use of potassium citrate as an emulsifying salt. The substitution of potassium salt for sodium citrate will reduce the sodium content by 720 mg per 100 g product at a 3% salt level. Potassium citrate may also be used to reduce sodium content in beverages, gelatin desserts, confections, jams and jellies. Potassium citrate may also be used as a source of potassium ion either as a nutritional supplement or to maximize gelation of Kappa-carrageenan gels in applications such as surimi analogues.

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