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Product Code: 025602

The use of Caliber M2000 allows for the treatment of the entire stockpile as it is being built, or whenever it is most convenient. Treating the entire stockpile prior to application to the roadway means that prewetting saddle tanks are no longer necessary.

Once the salt has been treated, the Caliber M2000:
- Increases the rate at which the salt begins working.
- Increases the penetration into ice and snow pack.
- Allows the use of salt at lower temperatures.
- Prevents the stockpile from freezing or clumping
- Helps protect equipment from the corrosion caused by salt.

Applications: Caliber M2000 is designed specifically for stockpile treatment of salt and/or sand. When treating a salt stockpile, 6-10 gallons of Caliber M2000 per ton of salt is recommended. As a treatment for sand, 4-6 gallons of Caliber M2000 per ton of sand is recommended. This application allows the sand to bite into the ice or snowpack greatly reducing the bounce and scatter experienced with dry sand.

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