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Product Code: 025601

Caliber M1000 provides a variety of applications in one, non-toxic, cost-effective product.

ANTI-ICING: As an anti-icer, Caliber M1000 provides superior anti-bonding properties, allowing removal of snowpack with simple plowing.

DE-ICING: As a liquid de-icer, Caliber M1000 provides increased performance vs. other liquid products. When applied in a stream pattern, Caliber M1000 vertically penetrates the snowpack and breaks the bond at the road surface

PRE-WETTING: As a pre-wetting agent for salt and sand, Caliber M1000 reduces bounce and scatter, increases the speed at which the salt begins working, increases the melting capacity of the salt, and permits the use of salt at lower temperatures.

Additionally, Caliber M1000 also reduces corrosion, inhibits crystal formation and product fallout at lower temperatures, and improves roadway traction when compared to other liquid products.

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