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Product Code: 010042

CornSweet® 42 is ADM Corn Processing's first generation high fructose syrup. CornSweet® 42 is a low viscosity sweetener which can be handled in existing liquid sweetener facilities. This will minimize crystallization and color development. CornSweet® 42 is a versatile sweetener which may be used at a 50-100% replacement of sucrose or invert sugar in many applications. Its clean, non-masking sweetness permits its use in delicate flavored foods.

High fructose corn syrup is the sweetener of choice for the world's leading food and beverage companies today, and with good reason. It helps keep foods fresh, moist and flavorful, and is indistinguishable from sugar on the palate. What's more, high fructose corn syrup contains the same number of calories as table sugar, and is identical to both sugar and honey from a nutritional standpoint. For additional information, please visit

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