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Clinton Behavioral Safety Initiative

ADM is proud to recognize our team of operators, maintenance workers and contractors, who established the Behavioral Observation Safety Process in Clinton. This safety program provides colleagues with feedback when they are engaging in activities that keep them safe, and those that put them at risk. The Behavioral Safety Team then leads discussions on the reasons for the risky activities and helps identify barriers to making safer choices.

“It helps you realize how even little changes make such a big difference,” said Clinton’s safety and security manager, Karl Schewe.

The Clinton plant has now achieved more than 1.4 million working hours without a lost time incident. Together, the 1,500-colleague Clinton team is proving that Zero Is Possible.

ADM applauds the Clinton Behavioral Safety team: Karl Schewe, Jeff Thomas, Jim Tietjens, Clarence Taliaferro, Jennifer Kasterke, Larry Jones and Grant Wells.


The ADM Corn Processing facility on Beaver Channel Road has called Clinton, Iowa, home for over 100 years. This facility processes corn into ingredients including sweeteners, syrups, starches, fuel alcohol and beverage alcohol. The site also is home to the ADM Polymer plant, ADM’s first commercial bioplastics facility for production of renewable, biodegradable plastics. The nearby ADM Cogeneration facility, with its eyecatching gold dome produces enough steam and electrical power to run both plants. ADM also has a trucking terminal and an ARTCO location in Clinton. These facilities combined employ more than 1,500 ADM and contract workers.
ADM turns the harvest into products that help meet the world’s growing need for food and alternative fuels. We purchase, store, transport, and process crops including corn, wheat, cocoa, soybeans and canola. In big cities and small towns across the globe, the 27,000 men and women of ADM work together to safely produce quality food ingredients, animal feeds, biofuels and renewable chemicals. We are committed to the responsible, sustainable development of agriculture throughout the world.

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