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Mankato Soybean Refinery Team

ADM is pleased to recognize the outstanding safety performance of our employees at the Mankato soybean oil refinery. Over the last 10 years, the team’s commitment to coworkers’ safety, excellent product quality, and positive stewardship of the environment has set an example for ADM facilities around the world.

In addition to earning the Company’s most significant operational award for eight years, the Mankato refinery team has earned recognition from the Minnesota Safety Council for three consecutive years, and has scored superior ratings on every one of their annual Food Safety Audits since the facility opened eleven years ago.

“While we appreciate being recognized for our accomplishments, the real reward is the knowledge that our team members care for one another,” said plant manager Ed Sorensen. “We are dedicated to getting every employee home safely at the end of the day.”

Congratulations to the Mankato refinery team for its excellent safety record and for earning this well-deserved recognition.


ADM owns and operates both a soybean refinery and extraction plant in Mankato and employs over 170 workers. The ADM soybean refinery began operations in 1998 and refines soybean oil into cooking oil, oils for shortening and margarine, candle wax, frying oils and low-trans-fat products for the food industry. The Mankato extraction plant produces the crude oil supplied to the refinery in addition to soybean meal that is used for animal feed. The meal is shipped by truck and rail throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico to farmers, animal feeders and feed mills. 
Every day, the 27,000 people of Archer Daniels Midland Company turn crops into renewable products that meet the demands of a growing world. At more than 240 processing plants, we convert corn, oilseeds, wheat and cocoa into products for food, animal feed, chemical and energy uses. We operate the world’s premier crop origination and transportation network, connecting crops and markets in more than 60 countries.

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