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Marshall "Code Blue" Team

ADM is pleased to recognize the Marshall “Code Blue” emergency first aid team. This extraordinary team of volunteers has gladly taken on the responsibility to be a first responder to fellow colleagues when they are in need of emergency first aid.

To prepare themselves for on-site emergencies, the 60 Code Blue team members are trained and certified in First Aid, CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use and participate in regular emergency drills.

ADM Marshall’s commitment to keeping colleagues safe goes beyond the Code Blue team. All employees, contractors, spouses and family members are offered first aid training.

“Over 40% of our workforce is trained in First Aid and CPR/AED,” said Gary Thomas, Marshall safety manager. “This strong participation is a testament to our employees’ commitment to making sure all coworkers and contractors go home safe every day.”

ADM thanks our employees for volunteering their time to help each other stay safe. If an emergency occurs, the Code Blue team is ready and trained to respond.


ADM has owned and operated the Marshall corn processing plant since 2002. The facility employs more than 260 people and uses a wet-mill process to turn corn into sweeteners, syrups and starches for beverages, baked goods and sauces; gluten and germ for animal feed; and fuel alcohol for blending with gasoline. Many ADM employees and contractors participate in community volunteer programs including an annual river clean-up event and a twice annual roadside clean-up on a section of County Road 33. 
Every day, the 27,000 people of Archer Daniels Midland Company turn crops into renewable products that meet the demands of a growing world. At more than 240 processing plants, we convert corn, oilseeds, wheat and cocoa into products for food, animal feed, chemical and energy uses. We operate the world’s premier crop origination and transportation network, connecting crops and markets in more than 60 countries. 

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