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Plainview Milling

ADM is pleased to recognize the outstanding safety performance of our employees at our Plainview milling facility, who recently reached an impressive one million hours without a lost-workday safety incident. For more than 17 years, the men and women at Plainview have worked together to build a strong culture where safety is top of mind.

“Safety has become a way of life at this facility, and reaching this milestone reflects the entire team’s commitment to making a difference,” said David Frazelle, Milling Environmental Health and Safety manager. “We are very proud of the strides we have made to keep each other safe.”

In addition to achieving this safety performance record, the team has earned ADM’s most significant operational award for delivering high-quality ADM products and services and promoting stewardship of the environment. The Plainview team’s dedication and determination have set an excellent example for ADM facilities around the world.

Congratulations to the Plainview milling team for their commitment to keeping their colleagues and workplace safe.


ADM has operated a milling facility in Plainview for more than 25 years. The facility recently doubled production by adding new equipment and improving efficiency. The plant processes milo into industrial starch used to manufacture wallboard. Milo hominy, a byproduct of the starch, is sold to the animal feed industry. The facility also produces a food-grade product, Soy Fortified Sorghum Grits (SFSG), for export as part of the U.S. government’s “Food for Peace” program.
Every day, the 28,000 people of Archer Daniels Midland Company transform crops into renewable products that meet the demands of a growing world. At more than 230 processing plants, we convert corn, oilseeds, wheat and cocoa into products for food, animal feed, chemical and energy uses. We operate the world’s premier crop origination and transportation network, connecting the harvest to the home in more than 60 countries.

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