ADM Applauds - 2010

ADM Applauds advertisements recognize ADM teams for producing significant business successes, achieving outstanding safety results, and making a positive impact in their communities.  They introduce the world to the people of ADM and how they are improving lives in communities where employees live and work.
ADM Applauds - Overland Park Milling   Overland Park Milling Team

  ADM Applauds - Peoria Corn Processing Team   Peoria Corn Processing Team  

ADM Applauds - Plainview Milling Team   Plainview Milling Team  

  ADM Applauds - Clinton Corn Processing Team  

Clinton Corn Processing Team

ADM Applauds - Decatur CPR Instructors Team

Decatur CPR Instructors


ADM Applauds - Decatur Bioproducts Team Decatur Bioproducts Team
ADM Applauds - Decatur Cogeneration Facility Decatur Cogeneration Facility ADM Applauds - Salt Lake City Team Salt Lake City Team
Local Education Achievements Toledo Neighbors and Emergency Response Personnel
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