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ADM Employees – Improving Lives

Across 40 states, ADM’s 16,000 U.S. employees are dedicated to improving lives of people in their workplace, their community, our nation and our world.  Learn about the great work ADM and its U.S. employees are doing in the areas of food safety, healthy foods, innovation, corporate responsibility and safety.


At ADM, food safety depends on every Mack, Steve and Billy.

 Cleveland Milling team


At ADM, innovation is making the most of every seed, kernel, grain and bean.

 Mankato Soybean Refinery team


133 U.S. processing plants. 195 U.S. procurement facilities. 16,000 U.S. employees. One step closer to zero.

 Naples Grain Handling and Distribution team


Connecting 33 wheat farmers. 52 millers. Thousands of bakers. And everyone who loves good bread.

 Spokane Milling team

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