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1940 New products development through research grows rapidly, turning raw linseed and crude soybean oil into several hundred different products.
1946 Current assets reach $50,284,312 with sales of $186,255,175.
1947 Net sales and other operating income increase to $297,429,912 and create record net earnings of $15,673,041.  Shareholders’ equity rises to $54,748,884.  Shreve M. Archer passes away and Thomas L. Daniels is elected president.  Samuel Mairs is named chairman.
1952 The cost of property, plant and equipment is $54,107,838 exceeding $50 million dollars for the first time.  The number of ADM employees grows to over 5,000.
1954 ADM purchases the resin division of U.S. Industrial Chemicals, with plants in Newark, New Jersey, and Pensacola, Florida.
1955 Samuel Mairs passes away.  Another chairman will not be named until 1958.
1956 ADM pays its 100th consecutive quarterly payment, a record of twenty-five years of uninterrupted stock dividends. 
1957 ADM enters the isolated soy protein business.
1958 T.L. Daniels steps down as president and is elected chairman.  John H. Daniels is elected  president.
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