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1962 The ADM logo is changed from the Archer yeoman to a logo design meant to represent chemical molecules coming from a natural resource.
1963 ADM completes its grain export terminal at Destrehan, Louisiana.  This is its first direct outlet to the Gulf Coast.
1964 T.L. Daniels steps down as chairman and Erwin A. Olson is elected chairman.
1966 ADM begins producing textured vegetable protein TVP at the Decatur East Plant.
1967 Net sales and other operating income increase to $371,625,700 and create net earnings of $4,370,293.  Shareholder’s equity rises to $91,297,180. ADM sells its Chemical Group to Ashland Oil & Refining Company in a refocus on agricultural products.  ADM purchases a fleet of thirty barges, the start of its transportation fleet.   ADM completes its soybean oil refining and hydrogenation plant in Decatur, Illinois.
1968 Net sales and other operating income decreases to $280,771,608 as net earnings increase to $4,413,558.  Shareholders’ equity changes to $89,999,809.  Erwin A. Olson steps down as chairman.  John H. Daniels steps down as president and is elected chairman and Lowell W. Andreas is elected president.
1969 ADM moves its corporate offices and research laboratory to Decatur, Illinois.   ADM forms its specialty division to market a variety of specialty items in the food and industrial areas, including TVP.
1970 ADM acquires assets of companies, enabling the Company to return to the mixed feed and dry corn milling businesses.  Vanier foods operations is purchased.  Dwayne O. Andreas is elected to the position of chief executive.
1971 ADM acquires an eighty-three percent interest in Corn Sweeteners, Inc., a wet corn milling plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
1972 Lowell Andreas steps down as president and Donald B. Walker is named his successor.   John H. Daniels steps down as chairman and Dwayne Andreas is elected chairman and chief executive.  ADM forms the American River Transportation Company.
1973 ADM acquires a fifty percent interest in British Arkady.
1974 Net sales and other operating income reach $1,551,288,700, creating net earnings of $29,410,385.  Shareholders’ equity reaches $176,922,649. ADM acquires soybean plants in Holland and Brazil, its first processing facilities in Europe and South America
1975 Donald Walker steps down as president and is elected vice chairman of the board.  James R. Randall is elected president.
1977 Donald Walker steps down as vice chairman.  ADM employees number approximately five thousand.
1978 During the Arab oil embargo, President Carter asks Dwayne Andreas to convert a new beverage alcohol plant into a synfuel plant.  An ethanol production plant starts up in Decatur.
1979 Total assets rise to $1,032,523,000.
  ADM Trucking is established
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