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2000 ADM partners with Wilmar International Ltd. to construct five soybean crushing plants in China.
2001 e-ADM website is launched.
ADM acquires Doysan Yag Sanayii, a Turkish vegetable oil producer with crushing plant, refinery, and packaging operations.
ADM acquires Sociedad Aceitera del Oriente, S.A. (SAO), a Bolivian vegetable oil producer with crushing plant, refinery, packaging operations, and grain elevators.
ADM unveils a new corporate logo designed to underscore the company’s deep commitment to nature and global agriculture.
ADM pays its 300th cash dividend and 280th consecutive quarterly payment, a record of seventy years of uninterrupted stock dividends.

John D. McNamara steps down as president and Paul B. Mulhollem is elected president.

ADM creates a technology council with P&G Chemicals aimed at developing innovative natural- based products.
ADM makes history when it becomes the first U.S. company to sign a contract with Cuba since the embargo began nearly forty years prior.
2002 ADM completes its acquisition of Minnesota Corn Processors, LLC (MCP). With the acquisition, ADM adds corn wet-milling plants located in Marshall, Minnesota, and Columbus, Nebraska.
Net earnings are $511,093,000 on net sales and other operating income of $23,453,561,000. Shareholders’ equity increases to $6,754,821,000 equal to $10.39 per common share. Total assets increase to $15,416,273,000.
The number of ADM employees grows to more than 24,000.
2003 ADM increases presence in South America by adding five grain origination and storage silos in Brazil.
ADM introduces the NovaLipid™ 0 grams trans per serving oils and shortenings.
2005 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency honors ADM with a Presidential Green Chemistry Award for a process known as enzymatic interesterification, which resulted in the NovaLipid™ 0 grams trans per serving oils and shortenings.
  ADM launches the Socially & Environmentally Responsible Agriculture Practices (SERAP) Program, which provides financial incentives for West African cocoa cooperatives to implement sustainable practices in areas such as safe farming, responsible labor management and forest protection. More than 6,000 farmers participate in the program in its inaugural year.
2006 ADM acquires the technical and intellectual property assets of Groupe Lysac, Inc., in a move that enhances the company’s ability to create biodegradable products from natural and renewable resources. Groupe Lysac’s absorbent polymers -- made primarily from starch, rather than petroleum products -- can be used in new generations of industrial applications and consumer products, including disposable diapers.
  Patricia A. Woertz is named CEO and President of ADM.
2007 Patricia A. Woertz is named Chairman of ADM’s Board of Directors, while remaining the company’s president and CEO.
  ADM opens its first wholly owned U.S. biodiesel production facility in Velva, N.D.
  ADM receives GE Global Ecomagination Award for saving 1.5 billion gallons of water per year through the installation of wastewater-treatment systems at the company’s Decatur, Illinois, corn-processing plant.
2008 ADM joins forces with Monsanto Company and Deere & Company to harvest, store and transport corn stover -- stalks, cobs and leaves of corn plants -- as a cellulosic feedstock for biofuel production, as biomass to generate steam and electricity, and as an ingredient in animal feed.
2009 ADM launches ADM Cares, a social investment program that targets up to one percent of pretax earnings to initiatives that advance societal improvements in areas related to the company’s business.
ADM accepts the Foreign Policy Association’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award for demonstrating exceptional corporate citizenship and playing a meaningful role in furthering economic, social and environmental progress in the communities it serves.
ADM expands its European oilseeds processing capabilities with the acquisition of an oilseed crushing, refining and biodiesel facility in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

ADM begins operations at its cocoa processing facility in Kumasi, Ghana.

ADM acquires five oceangoing vessels, totaling 250,000 metric tons of cargo capacity, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of its transportation network.
Patricia Woertz and other ADM executives commemorate the 85th anniversary of the company’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange by ringing the closing bell at the NYSE.
2010 ADM begins construction of a biodiesel plant in Joaçaba, Santa Catarina, Brazil, which will increase the company’s biodiesel production capacity in Brazil by more than 50 percent.
ADM publishes its first Corporate Responsibility report, detailing the company’s progress in the areas of supply-chain integrity, environmental stewardship, social investing and safety since the company convened its Sustainability Steering Committee in 2007.
ADM opens ethanol dry mills in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Columbus, Nebraska, with each facility adding 300 million gallons to ADM’s annual ethanol production capacity.

ADM announces the opening of a Beijing office.

2011 ADM acquires remaining interest in Golden Peanut Company.
ADM’s deZaan cocoa brand celebrates 100 years.
ADM begins production of biobased propylene glycol in Decatur, Illinois.
ADM opens a feed premix plant in Tianjin, China.
ADM establishes Indian headquarters in Gurgaon and grows Indian oilseed processing capabilities through acquisition of Geepee Agri Private Ltd., Tinna Oils Ltd. and Madhur Agro.
ADM acquires Elstar Oils S.A. in Poland.
 2012 ADM’s Board of Directors approves a change to calendar-year financial reporting, effective Jan. 1, 2013.
  ADM acquires a port terminal in the state of Pará in Brazil, improving the company’s ability to link the country’s harvest to export markets.
ADM and Wilmar International Limited announce plans to partner on fertilizer, ocean freight and tropical oil refining.
2013 ADM opens a soybean processing facility in Villeta, Paraguay, increasing ADM’s South American oilseed crush capacity by more than 20 percent.
ADM opens an intermodal container freight shipping and receiving facility in Decatur, Illinois.

ADM constructs a feed premix plant in the city of Nanjing, in eastern China, bringing to three the total number of facilities in the company’s Chinese premix network.

2014 Juan R. Luciano is named the 12th president in ADM’s 112-year history.
ADM constructs a sweetener and soluble-fiber manufacturing complex at Tianjin, China.
ADM acquires the remaining stake of global merchandiser Alfred C. Toepfer International.
ADM opens its global headquarters in Chicago. Decatur, Illinois, remains ADM’s North American headquarters; São Paulo, Brazil, is ADM’s South American headquarters; Rolle, Switzerland, is ADM’s European headquarters; and Singapore is ADM’s Asia-Pacific headquarters.
ADM acquires WILD Flavors, one of the world’s leading suppliers of natural ingredients to the food and beverage industry.
2015 Juan R. Luciano becomes the ninth chief executive in ADM’s 112-year history.
ADM expands its ingredient business by acquiring savory flavor producer Eatem Foods, and expanding processing capacity for nuts and seeds on the U.S. West Coast.
ADM takes a series of actions to enhance its ability to connect supply and demand around the globe, including: opening new distribution and merchandising offices in Central America, Asia and Africa; acquiring a port and shipping agency in Brazil; announcing major expansions at port facilities in Argentina and Brazil; launching ARTCO Stevedoring; acquiring full ownership of strategically-located terminals on the Black Sea; and announcing a new merchandising and supply chain joint venture in Egypt.
To enhance the company’s ability to serve the growing Chinese and Asian markets, ADM opens a soluble fiber plant in Tianjin, China, and a feed-premix plant in Nanjing; the company also announces further expansion in China with the construction of a feed-premix plant in Zhangzhou.
ADM strengthens its global sweetener footprint by purchasing several European corn processing assets of joint venture Eaststarch C.V.
2016 Juan R. Luciano becomes chairman of ADM’s board of directors.
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