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As one of the world’s largest agricultural processors, ADM touches the lives of millions of people every day.  Our products for food, animal feed, and industrial and energy uses connect the harvest to the home in more than 140 countries.  To accomplish this task, we look for the best, brightest, and most innovative suppliers with which to partner.  Together, we can achieve our goal to provide exceptional products and service to customers around the world.  

Strategic Sourcing
ADM’s North American strategic sourcing team plays an integral role in ADM's objective to reduce costs and increase shareholder value.  The team identifies and selects contractors and suppliers who can provide the best value to ADM as measured through quality, price and service.  The team works with regional, national and international contractors and suppliers to serve ADM facilities both locally and around the world.

Supplier Diversity
ADM seeks qualified diverse supplies to partner with us in our mission to serve the world’s vital needs for food, feed and fuel.   As we transform crops into food ingredients, animal feed, and renewable fuels and industrials, a strong base of diverse suppliers is crucial to our success.   Opportunities for diverse partnerships exist at all levels of our organization, from origination through transformation and beyond.

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