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Global Strategic Sourcing

ADM’s Global Strategic Sourcing group develops contracts with suppliers who can provide the products and services we need on a regional, national or global scale. Our group handles most of ADM’s purchasing except grain, transportation, IT hardware and software, and energy.

Global Strategic Sourcing is centralized, designed to make it easy for suppliers to work seamlessly with all of ADM’s businesses, across divisions and geographies, through one main point of contact. Our system is efficient for suppliers and maximizes their opportunity to do business with us.

This centralized approach also benefits our customers by reducing the overall costs of our operations through lower administrative costs and greater economies of scale. As a result, we have greater spending power on behalf of our customers and we can put the appropriate controls in place to maintain our high standards of quality.

For more information on Global Strategic Sourcing, please e-mail StrategicSourcingAdmin@adm.com.

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