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As Steven Soderbergh’s film “The Informant!” opens in movie theatres around the world, many people have asked about ADM’s response to the movie.

While the movie was in production, we met and talked with the filmmakers.  We gave them a tour of our offices and processing plants. We provided them information and historic materials. And we let them do some filming on our property.

The reason we chose to do this is because we recognize that “The Informant!” doesn’t attempt to tell the full story of what ADM was like in the early 1990s, and it certainly doesn’t reflect the Company today.  Back in 1995, ADM was a company of some 15,000 men and women, all but a very few of whom were honest, responsible, hardworking people who went to their jobs every day to do an honest day’s work. And that’s why we have not only survived a situation that might have destroyed many companies, but have thrived. 

In response to the illegal activity, we put in place the policies and controls needed. Today, we emphasize achieving the right results, the right way.  We have a robust ethics program, with practices and policies that align our actions with our values. We have new leadership. And we now have 30,000 employees around the globe who take great pride in the work we do serving vital needs for food and energy.  We value the productive, mutually beneficial relationships we have built with customers, farmers, suppliers and communities.

A 109-year-old company, we look forward to writing the next chapters in our history.  With operations that span the globe, we are a respected industry leader with hundreds of processing facilities, one of our industry’s most extensive sourcing and transportation networks, and a demonstrated commitment to corporate responsibility.

We invite you to explore this site for answers to questions about the events portrayed in the film. If you are a member of the news media seeking comment, please direct your questions to media@adm.com. We welcome all other comments at feedback@adm.com.

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