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Global growth in agricultural services

Greater crop volumes will be needed—today and tomorrow—to feed a growing global population, and our Agricultural Services strategy, and performance, builds on that inexorable trend. In 2011, Ag Services earned a 38 percent year-over-year increase in operating profits on strong merchandising, handling and transportation results.  We are investing to continue this growth: substantially expanding and improving our origination and transportation network by adding to our fleet of bulk cargo vessels; modernizing our barge fleet in the Americas; increasing capacity at three grain elevators in Missouri and Illinois, and constructing additional elevators in Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

ADM is the leader in agricultural transport on the Mississippi River, the U.S. lifeline to export markets around the world. We are replicating that origination-through-export leadership on other key global inland waterways, including the Paraguay River. In Romania, we are significantly expanding grain origination, storage, transportation and export operations along the Danube River. This project includes 12 grain elevators on the river, one inland storage elevator in western Romania and a joint-venture export elevator on the Black Sea port of Constanta.


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