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2014 Annual Report

To our Shareholders and Colleagues,

In 2014, the ADM team exemplified the concept of changing while winning. Even as we delivered very strong results and improved returns, we completed significant portfolio and organizational actions that are transforming our company into a stronger, more disciplined enterprise, better positioned to capitalize on enduring global trends.

Those trends include the growing global population, which is projected to exceed 9 billion by midcentury. ADM—with our vast origination network in the world’s key crop-producing regions, coupled with our globe-spanning transportation, processing and distribution network will continue to play a vital role feeding this increasing population. At the same time, a growing and more prosperous global middle class— which will double by 2030—will demand more varied, more convenient and more protein-sufficient diets. ADM’s core ingredients—particularly protein meals, oils and fats—provide the building blocks livestock producers and global and regional food companies will need to serve this demand.


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