ARTCO Stevedoring provides full-service stevedoring operations through bulk transfer stevedoring and crane service; fleeting, switching, boat and related harbor services; and linehandling and crewboat services. With five midstream buoy ship mooring locations between mile markers 110 and 121 on the Mississippi River, we overlay the primary grain loading area for the United States—putting our customers and their cargo at the center of ocean and inland waterway transportation services. Our large fleet of Gottwald/Terex cranes is specifically engineered to transship bulk products, including— but not limited to—grain, fertilizers, salt, steel products and coal, between oceangoing vessels and river barges on the Mississippi.

Midstream stevedoring provides the most efficient transfer of bulk cargo between ocean vessels and river barges. This direct transloading of cargo provides five key benefits:

  • Number of cranes can be increased or decreased to maximize available facility capacity. 
  • Minimizes cargo loss through a single “touch” of the product and sealed buckets. 
  • Greatly reduces or eliminates the possibility of contamination. 
  • Takes advantage of inland waterway flexibility. 
  • Provides the lowest cost transfers available to shippers.

Managing global supply chains while working to minimize costs is a complex, constantly changing process. We understand these challenges and tailor our stevedoring services to integrate seamlessly into your supply chain and make it as efficient and effective as possible. 

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