ADM’s world-renowned deZaan brand brings a century of tradition, quality and technical leadership to an impressive portfolio of premium cocoa products, including cocoa powders, cocoa butter and cocoa liquors. ADM works closely with customers to determine the deZaan product that will best contribute to the success of finished products.

deZaan cocoa powders are available in a variety of flavors and color shades — from vibrant reds to dark browns and black — with various accompanying taste profiles and intensities. This broad selection helps manufacturers fashion highly differentiated end-products, which in turn enables them to meet the requirements of both individual customers and vast market segments. We’re able to fine-tune our deZaan powders to achieve the precise flavor and color profiles our customers require.

Cacao De Zaan was founded in the Netherlands in 1911 by a group of 16 shareholders who started a chocolate factory. Five years later a single shareholder, J. Huysman, assumed control of the firm, which in 1918 was named Cacao en Chocoladefabriek De Zaan. Chocolate production was discontinued in 1922 when officials decided to focus on producing cocoa butter and powder. The company changed its name to Cacaofabriek De Zaan to reflect this change in strategy. The company was sold to W.R. Grace & Co. in 1964, and was acquired by ADM in 1997. A factory in Singapore was first built in 1981 and this facility was purchased by Grace Cocoa in 1984. It was called De Zaan Far East and was taken over by ADM in 1997.

The impressive deZaan brand represents a family of premium products:

  • deZaan Premium Cocoa Powders
  • deZaan Premium Cocoa Butter
  • deZaan Premium Cocoa Liquors




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