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Nutritional Benefits

Nutrients found in Beans:

• Fiber
• Protein that is low in fat and cholesterol-free
• Vitamins like folate, thiamin, niacin, choline and pantothenic acid
• Minerals like magnesium, calcium and iron
• Polyphenolic antioxidants

Using VegeFull™ bean products can help food manufacturers create smarter choices for consumers.

Incorporating bean ingredients into food applications can deliver important nutrients like protein and fiber. Moreover, in certain applications, nutrient content claims such as “rich in fiber” may be achievable.1  Fruits, vegetables and grain products that contain fiber or soluble fiber are the focus of two FDA health claims for risk of cancer or risk of coronary heart disease respectively.2

Key Benefits:

• All natural, wholesome, trusted food staple
• Full of protein and fiber
• Help achieve recommended daily vegetable servings
• Lean, cholesterol-free, meat alternative
• Full of beneficial nutrients
• May make products eligible for nutrient-content claims
• Industry's widest selection
• Easy to incorporate into various applications
• No taste sacrifice
• Non-allergenic, non-GMO, gluten-free
• Convenient handling and storage

1 Nutrient content claims are subject to qualifications specified in 21CFR101.

2 For specific details, see 21CFR101.76 & .77.


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