VegeFull™ Cooked Ground Bean Ingredients 

VegeFull™ Cooked Ground Bean Ingredients

VegeFull™ places the industry’s widest selection of cooked bean ingredients under one product line. VegeFull ingredients allow food manufacturers to easily incorporate the goodness of beans into many formulations targeting health-conscious consumers by adding nutrition, texture and bulk to food applications.

VegeFull bean products are pre-washed, pre-soaked, pre-cooked, and reconstituted in minutes. Food manufacturers, who typically would not have used beans due to time and expense, can now easily incorporate them into many formulations.

Along with convenience, VegeFull’s wide selection of cooked bean ingredients also offers versatility. VegeFull’s products includes pinto, black, small red, navy and chick peas , available in quick-prep whole, ground pieces, grits, noodles and powders.

Product Application
Quick-prep whole beans Use like any other prepared or canned bean by simply adding water
Instant bean noodles Incorporates flavor, color and protein into your side dishes and salads
Bean pieces, grits and powders Use as natural thickeners for soups, sauces and dips
Bean powders Can be substituted for portions of flours while lowering the fat used in:
  Snacks Crackers Dips
  Breads Cereals Soups
  Gravies Sauces and More


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