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Horse owners know that sound nutrition is one of the keys to longevity and performance.

ADM can deliver complete feeds, premixes or nutritional supplements—whatever makes the most sense for the family pleasure horse or the equine athlete.

ADM offers a number of ingredients for the horse feed manufacturer that enable horses to live long and healthy lives. We have the essential fatty acids and highly digestible fiber that you require, to make horse feeds meet your customers’ needs.

ADM is your source for nutritional ingredients like yeast, specialty proteins and soybean oil, as well as vitamins, vitamin premixes and specialty additives. ADM-produced soybean oil and lecithin are used to enhance hair coat quality, while ADM’s biotin products are used to improve hoof health. ADM also has an array of nutritious ingredients well-suited for the growing horse treats market.

ADM’s HFP (High Fat Product) is a unique ingredient that is high in both energy (fat) and fiber. HFP has a highly digestible fiber component that can increase the digestible energy density of horse feed. For horses with high energy needs, HFP can be used to increase energy intake without increasing starch intake. HFP is also a highly palatable, consistent ingredient in meal form.

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