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The growing aquaculture industry is continually challenged to meet growing worldwide demand, produce an attractive product, fight diseases and reduce pollution within the aquaculture environment. ADM has a number of quality feed ingredients that address these issues, including amino acids, and fishmeal alternatives.

ADM has ingredients for aquaculture diets that benefits a variety of fisheries, from tilapia to salmon. Our unique understanding of aquaculture feed ingredients and how they work together makes ADM an invaluable source for maximizing profitability.

ADM’s aquaculture product line includes the base feed ingredients corn gluten feed and meal, corn distillers dried grains with solubles, corn oil, soybean meal and oil, cottonseed meal, wheat red dog as well as corn and wheat. We also provide such specialty products as Soycomil® brand soy protein concentrate, lecithin, lysine, threonine, and Ardex® brand soy protein isolate.  

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