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At different stages in life, beef cattle have different nutritional demands. Yet the producer’s main goal always remains the same: to optimize performance. ADM is dedicated to providing beef operations and feed manufacturers with innovative nutritional technologies— and the best cost positions—on feed ingredients, additives and other specialty ingredients.

Our beef product line includes base feed ingredients that are highly available and consistent to provide the basis for your healthy herd. Our specialty product line includes xanthan gum, as well as yeast culture, IGR Minerals® (methoprene) products and organic minerals, custom blocks, tubs and weatherized minerals. We can help solve ingredient-purchasing challenges, from managing inventories to identifying lower-cost alternatives. In addition, the vast research and technical expertise of ADM is available to your purchasing and nutrition management teams, to assure the success of ADM ingredients in every beef-feeding program.

ADM also provides HFP (High Fat Product), a consistent blend of corn and soybean co-products high in energy and fiber. Through a unique process, nearly half the lipid content is rendered ruminally inert, resulting in a product that helps get more energy to the cow without depressing fiber digestion. HFP reduces excess nitrogen, is highly palatable, and available in convenient meal form, so you can include it in your cows’ rations as a high-fat source without special handling procedures. Its other applications include feedlots, stocker, cow, calf, and show stock supplementation.

Our research focuses on the issues that impact you most—from minimizing excretion of environmentally-sensitive nutrients, to enhancing reproductive performance, and increasing beef quality grade and carcass yields. Our researchers are also evaluating the impact of antibiotics and growth promotants, as potential markets for natural beef emerge. And with our vertically integrated worldwide network of processing plants and transportation, ADM is equipped to deliver the feed ingredients you need—with consistent quality and on-time delivery.  

For sheep producers, optimum profits begin with optimizing your herd’s performance. ADM can help. Our ingredients include vegetable proteins, grains, milling co-products and corn processing co-products. All provide effective energy and protein sources in rations, to help you get the most from your animals.

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