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Pet Nutrition

Pet food and treat ingredient solutions to fit your business.
The ADM Pet Nutrition team continually capitalizes on the vast resources and services available to us as part of one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers. Our pet nutrition experts provide you with the right solutions to meet the demands of today’s pet food and treat manufacturers while ensuring unsurpassed safety and quality. By strategically collaborating with us, you have access to a global network that can help you create the next big thing in pet foods and treats.

Unmatched expertise in custom-blending ingredients.
Our Pet Nutrition business is part of ADM Animal Nutrition™, so when you partner with us, you have access to all the services and expertise of the leader in premix and specialty blending. We offer precise nutrient handling, especially with ingredients that have unique handling properties. And we provide the traceability and quality control necessary for your success.

  • Save time, space and resources. Increase efficiencies by letting our experts procure, manage and blend ingredients. We also provide you with improved inventory management by lessening the bin space required in your facility. Plus, by utilizing customized ingredient blends that meet your production needs, you can better optimize your core business.
  • Ensure quality. We understand the importance of critical safety monitoring for your overall success. We have in-depth quality control measures in place throughout our process to ensure the accuracy of each production batch. These checks and balances include near-infrared (NIR) testing of incoming ingredients, ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection, and bar-coding for continuous ingredient and lot tracking.
  • Customize solutions. Our expert team understands the art and science of mixing various ingredients to help you create your own unique pet food offering. Collaborate with us to turn your unique ideas into niche products. We thrive on working directly with clients on ideation and development plans for new product introductions.

Explore our expanding world of Specialty Pet Food Ingredients.
We continue to build our portfolio of ingredients to help you create niche products and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. As your strategic partner, we work with you to develop new products and modify current ones to meet changing demands.

  • Value-Add Ingredients: Through ADM’s Animal Nutrition group, our pet nutrition specialists provide innovative ingredient solutions through the use of versatile ingredients like edible beans, essential amino acids and protein concentrates, along with an ever-expanding portfolio of proprietary ingredients.
  • Trend and Niche Ingredients: With the recent additions of Wild Flavors, Specialty Commodities, Inc., and Eatem foods to Team ADM, we have access to a wide-array of natural colors and flavors, along with hard-to-find, functional and non-traditional ingredients such as ancient grains. Our expansive catalog is constantly shifting to provide the latest trending items and insights to help ensure product uniqueness. Our breadth of ingredients provides nutrition, texture and taste to any pet food or treats.

Leading the way in quality assurance.
Rest assured that our quality standards for the pet industry are just as critical as our standards for human food ingredients. ADM’s quality programs are designed to help ensure that we are the industry leader in product compliance.

  • Sourcing raw materials from a select group of approved vendors.
  • Procurement and ingredient handling that includes NIR fingerprinting for each ingredient and bar-coding for lot tracking so as to ensure traceability of incoming ingredients throughout the custom premix blending process.
  • Product safety monitoring and expansive checks and balances throughout the entire process.
  • Thorough tracking and testing procedures that include final cross checks and batch yield assessment.

Let’s work together for your success.
At ADM, we excel in originating and processing plant-based ingredients into functional solutions for your specific pet food and treat applications. Whether it’s ancient grains, natural colors, or plant- or nut-based proteins… ADM is your resource. And we’re your one call for blending capabilities that bring together ingredients, vitamins and minerals for all of your pet food and treat nutrition solutions.

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