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Dairy producers seek feed ingredients that, when used in combinations, will optimize production and profit. ADM is dedicated to providing dairy operations and feed manufacturers with innovative nutritional ingredients and technologies. These technologies not only increase milk production efficiency, they may also enhance the effectiveness of the cow’s immune system.

Our base feed ingredients are consistently available and are the right quality to provide the basis for a healthy herd. Our dairy specialty ingredients include bypass fats, yeast cultures, antioxidants and all natural offerings. In addition, we can help dairy operations solve ingredient-purchasing challenges, such as management of inventory and the selection of lower-cost alternatives.

The vast research and technical expertise of ADM is always available to your purchasing and nutrition management team, to assure the success of our ingredients in your feeding program. Our dairy product portfolio includes:

  • Vegetable protein products
  • Corn processing co-products
  • Milling co-products
  • Whole grains
  • Wheat milling products
  • CultureTech™ yeast supplement
  • Enertia® PFA bypass fat
  • NutriPass® bypass methionine source
  • NutriPass ® transition MP2
  • Ruma-Pass® bypass protein technology
  • Soycomil® soy protein concentrates
  • ADM Clintose® dextrose fermentation enhancer
  • Dairy premixes
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