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You probably expect ADM’s animal health and nutrition business to offer cutting-edge supplements, amino acids and specialty additives for corn- and soy-based swine rations. But you might not expect our extensive investment in swine research facilities.

ADM is committed to helping you achieve modern, sound scientific solutions for today’s industry issues, such as minimizing nutrient loads in manure and reducing odors. Our research investments let us monitor new technologies, and review their impact in applied and more basic applications.

ADM has an extensive line of feed ingredients to help you both environmentally and economically. From our main ingredients like vegetable proteins, co-products, grains, milling co-products, and corn processing co-products to amino acids, lecithin, and organic acids, we have the ingredients you need to raise more productive, healthier swine.

We provide both proprietary and customized vitamin and mineral mixes, along with various other micronutrients. These include natural-source vitamin E, lysine HCl and other amino acids, organic acids and our complete ProStart® pig starter line. Then we back up those products with technical assistance, diet formulation suggestions and advice. Our products include:

  • Vegetable protein products
  • Corn processing co-products
  • Milling co-products
  • Whole grains
  • Wheat milling products
  • Amino acids
  • Soycomil® soy protein concentrates
  • Prostart® pig starters
  • Swine premixes
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