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Wet Milling Products

In the wet milling process, co-products include:

Corn gluten meal

- Very palatable with high levels of bypass protein
- High levels of protein, energy, methionine, cystine
- High level of xanthophylls
- Rich in highly digestible amino acids

Corn gluten feed

- Medium-protein and medium-energy
- Low in fat and starch, high in digestible fiber
- Contains 87 percent of feed value of dry corn in beef cattle diets
- Contains 70 percent of energy value of corn in swine diets

Golden Gluten™ wet corn gluten feed

- Cost-effective alternative to traditional feed
- Protein- and energy-rich
- Can make up 20 to 50 percent of dry matter in total ration
- Fed with silage, alfalfa hay or haylage
- Stimulates digestion in the rumen for better protein utilization and improved feed efficiency
- Can help reduce sub-acute acidosis

Corn germ meal

- Result of solvent extraction, the removal of oil from corn germ
- Medium-protein and medium-energy
- Rich in highly digestible amino acids
- High level of hemicellulose fiber

Condensed fermented corn extractives (steepwater)

- Also known as ADM Liquid Gold®
- Soluble portion of the corn kernel removed by the steeping process
- Concentrated to 50 percent dry solids
- Excellent source of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, organic acids
- Enhances ration palatability and conditioning

Corn oil

- Dense source of energy
- High level of linoleic acid
- Reduces dustiness in some feeds

Golden Synergy
- Combination of Golden Gluten™ wet corn gluten feed and ADM wet distillers grains with solubles (WDGS)
- Protein- and energy-rich
- Optimum nutrient profile for a variety of ingredient matrixes and inclusion levels
- Produced exclusively at ADM’s Columbus, Nebraska, corn processing facility


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Corn Co-Products
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