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Oils/Energy Products

ADM is a leading producer of livestock feed ingredients. From grain selection to processing, packaging and delivery, we control every step to ensure a consistent, quality product

Our oils and energy products include vegetable oil refinery lipid, vegetable oils from soybean, corn and flax, and HFP (high-fat product).

Vegetable oil refinery lipid is a readily available source of energy for livestock, made from the refining of vegetable oil for edible use. It acts in a manner similar to animal fat or vegetable oil in animal diets.

Both soybean oil and corn oil are used to add energy to the diet and contain high amounts of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid and unsaturated fatty acids. They also may be used to reduce dustiness in feeds. Flax oil has high levels of alpha-linolenic acid.

HFP (high-fat product) is a consistent blend of corn and soybean co-products high in energy and fiber. Its ability to provide more energy without depressing fiber digestion is ideal for dairy cows. It can be used in many types of animal feeds due to its highly digestible fiber component and low starch level.

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