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Oilseed Products

ADM is a leading producer of livestock feed ingredients. From grain selection to processing, packaging and delivery, we control every step to ensure a consistent, quality product

ADM processes a wide range of oilseeds into high-protein meals. Soybean, cotton, sunflower, canola and flax all produce valuable products for use in ruminant, swine, poultry, aquaculture and companion animal diets.

Flaxseed Oil

- Highly effective Omega 3 source
- Rich in linolenic acid
- Palatable feed addition

Linseed meal

- One of the oldest feed ingredients, made from flaxseed flakes
- Known for producing sheen in cattle coats
- Positively affects rumen fermentation

Soybean Meal

- Widely available and actively traded
- Highly palatable
- Rich in amino acids

Canola meal

- Source of vitamins and minerals
- High in sulfur-containing amino acids
- Quality protein source

Cottonseed meal

- Complements variety of plant and animal proteins
- Contains 40 percent bypass protein

Sunflower meal

- Palatable source of fiber and protein
- High roughage factor
- Complements soybean meal for nutrition requirements

Cottonseed hulls

- Contain highly digestible cotton linters
- Very palatable, effective fiber source
- Complement high-concentrate ingredients

Soy hulls

- Highly palatable
- Source of fiber, minerals, energy and protein
- Low-lignin content

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