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Baking & Cereals

ADM supplies the baking industry with over 400 staple baking ingredients. Our product offerings include:

Wheat Flours
ADM has a complete line of wheat flours and specialty for any baking application. We can help you select the right flour for your breads, pizza, cakes, tortillas, cookies, snacks and more. Our product breadth ranges from custom-milled flours delivered in bulk to wholesale bakers, to packaged flours for smaller bakery and food service operations. With our well-known brands, including such respected names as Gigantic™, Commander™, Top King™ and Five Roses®, ADM has a flour for every baker’s need.

Other Grain-based Products
ADM makes a full range of wheat and corn products, including farina, malted barley flour and corn grits. In addition, we also produce vital wheat gluten for extruded or flake cereals, plus the wheat starch for puffed cereals that must hold a shape.

Performance Enhancers
We offer dough conditioners, release agents, starches and gums, gluten, and food acids, as well as the thickener NovaXan™ xanthan gum. In addition, we have ingredients, such as protein-enriching soy isolates, texture-modifying soy grits and TVP® products, to give your cereal a variety of specific traits.

Bakery Mixes
Our complete customer-blended line includes mixes & bases, fillings and icings.

In addition to an extensive line of vegetable-based oils and shortenings, ADM offers our NovaLipid™ line of production-friendly oils, shortenings and margarines with little or no trans-fatty acid content. Ideal for baking applications including breads, tortillas, cakes, cookies and snacks, NovaLipid products help meet trans-fat labeling requirements without sacrificing taste or functionality.

ADM is a world leader in sweeteners, including corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), crystalline fructose, sucralose, sorbitol, liquid honey and molasses, easy-to-handle dried honey and molasses, plus many others.

Nutritional and Functional Ingredients
We have a growing line of nutritional ingredients that includes vitamin enrichments, soy proteins, and other functional food ingredients such as odorless, tasteless and textureless Fibersol-2™ digestion resistant maltodextrin, soy protein concentrates, isolates and flours, CardioAid™ plant sterols and soy isoflavones. We also design custom premixes of vitamins and minerals for basic fortification, or to provide your product with a specific marketing edge.

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