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Candy & Confectionery

No one knows confectionery ingredients better than ADM. With our experience and advantages of scale, you'll find it’s simply easier and more rewarding to do business with a world-leading supplier.

ADM is a leading, reliable supplier of a breadth of sweeteners, including corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), sucralose, dextrose and crystalline fructose products.

ADM offers a variety of oils to help you create the fat system that’s right for your candy or confectionary application. In addition to a comprehensive line of packaged oils, shortenings and margarines, we offer refined tropical oils, like coconut and palm, that are crucial for many candy and confectionery applications. ADM also offers innovative specialty oils, such as our NovaLipid™ line of zero and low trans-fat oils.

Flavor and Performance Enhancers
ADM offers a wide range of ingredients to enhance flavor and performance, including soy lecithin, citric acid for shelf life and flavor enhancement, emulsifiers, lecithin, and even soy and other nutritional ingredients to make great-tasting functional foods.

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