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Meat Products

Vegetable proteins can improve taste, texture and nutrition, enhancing the appeal of an infinite number of meat products. And for the latest soy-based meat replacements, you won't find a broader range of ingredient options, expertise and support for soy-based foods than you get with ADM.

Soy Products
ADM is an industry leader and innovator, providing meat enhancements and replacement products including TVP® products (texturized vegetable protein), soy protein concentrates, isolated soy proteins, finished soy foods, and even proprietary new meat analogs that replace whole muscle meats.

Flavor and Performance Enhancers
In addition to soy products, ADM also offers a complete range of food-grade acids, sodium lactate, food-thickening NovaXan™ xanthan gums, lecithin, yeast, monoglycerides and more.

Food Ingredients

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