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Snack Foods

Consumers today want snacks in more varieties and with more healthful qualities. ADM can help you compete in this fast-changing marketplace with all the essential ingredients you need, plus an evergrowing line of functional and nutritional ingredients.

With our close ties to agricultural producers around the world and our global processing and distribution facilities, ADM's expertise and capabilities in vegetable fats and oils is unsurpassed. Every day, ADM produces more than 30,000 metric tonnes of vegetable oil-soy, canola, corn, sunflower, palm, cotton and more. ADM can help you select the best oils for your frying, baking or coating application, ensuring the superior stability, taste, and mouthfeel your customers expect. Plus, our NovaLipid™ line is a wide range of production-friendly oils, shortenings and margarines, each containing little or no fatty acid to help meet trans-fat labeling requirements without sacrificing taste or functionality.

Nutritional and Functional Ingredients
ADM offers a remarkable and growing range of nutritional ingredients to help you appeal to health-conscious consumers at all life stages. Nutritional products include NutriSoy® soy protein, Novasoy® brand soy isoflavones, CardioAid™ plant sterols and natural-source Vitamin E. Our Fibersol-2™ digestion resistant maltodextrin adds soluble dietary fiber with no adverse effect on beverage color, clarity or flavor.

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