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WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients

ADM WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients, our specialty food ingredients business, offers a wide range of ingredients that address taste, texture, nutrition and functionality in meat, beverage, health and nutrition, snack, confection baked goods, cereal and personal care markets.

We use consumer insights and ADM’s unique business model and value chain to deliver great-tasting, innovative and nutritious ingredient solutions for your products.

We offer specialty food ingredients in eight main categories:

Protein Specialties
As a global market leader in plant-based proteins, ADM offers customers a complete protein portfolio, including flours, concentrates, textured and functional protein concentrates and isolates. These can help enhance the nutritional profile of a product, improve moisture retention and improve emulsification in a variety of food and beverage systems.

Flavor Systems
WILD Flavors is the global leader in natural flavors and colors. WILD Flavors offers food and beverage companies flavor and flavor systems, fruit juice concentrates and blends, extracts, mint oils and mint flavors, colors from natural sources, sweetening systems, seasonings, taste modifiers and other healthy food ingredients.

Edible Beans
Beans aren’t just a super food, but a super ingredient as well. In addition to a full line of dry beans, ADM also offers VegeFull™ Cooked Ground Beans as an alternative way to add nutrition to food applications ranging from soups to cookies to pet food and more—without altering flavor or appearance. 

Through a joint venture with Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., ADM offers a soluble, highly functional dietary fiber that provides multiple benefits for food formulators. Fibersol®-2 dietary soluble fiber products are an excellent way to increase fiber content in products. Fibersol-2 is virtually tasteless, odorless and readily dispersible, making it ideal for all types of beverages, processed foods, cultured dairy products, frozen dairy desserts, confections, dietary supplements and more.

Natural Health & Nutrition
ADM offers ingredients sourced from nature for the food, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical markets— including natural-source Vitamin E, plant sterols and soy isoflavones. The scientific research into these ingredients supports product health claims.

Lecithin is a highly functional blend of phospholipids used as an emulsifier, dispersant or release agent. The most widely used emulsifier in the world, lecithin also contains choline, which is an essential nutrient for brain health. It is also used in cosmetics as a label-friendly functional ingredient. 

Corn Specialties
ADM’s Corn Specialties offerings include gums (xanthan gum) and polyols (sorbitol and maltitol). Products in this category can serve a variety of needs, including: enhancing functionality and flavor, serving as a sugar-free sweetener, enhancing or providing flavor and color stability, and controlling moisture.

Specialty Commodities
If you are seeking a reliable and trustworthy source for tree nuts; dried fruits; ancient grains; seeds; and organic nuts, fruits, seeds and ancient grains, ADM Specialty Commodities is your answer. We are your source for safe imported and domestic specialty ingredients that meet your stringent quality demands.

Textura offers highly customizable inclusion solutions that allow you to easily add protein, fiber, whole grains and other nutrients to your products. With Textura, you can diversify your offerings with new tastes and textures, broaden the nutritional value of your products and meet changing consumer needs, all without sacrificing quality.

Why do customers work with us?

As consumer preferences continue to evolve, ADM’s food scientists, culinary experts and marketing specialists are working with some of the world’s leading food and beverage manufacturers to develop innovative solutions to challenging product-formulation issues. Our world-class research and development teams work with customers to design of new product applications that help increase your sales and profitability.

We understand our customers’ needs, the markets in which they compete, and the consumers of their products. Our exceptional sales and technical support teams are committed to delivering new technologies, purposeful innovation to help you create the best products for consumers.

With ADM’s vertical integration and control of the raw material stream, you can trust us to provide consistent and reliable supply wherever and whenever you need it on a global scale.

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