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Incorporating More Beans Into American Diets

Beans have a rich history in cuisines throughout the world and are important components of diets of some of the healthiest populations in the world. And, today there are exciting and innovative ways to help Americans boost their intake of these healthful foods. For food manufacturers, incorporating beans into products may offer opportunities for benefit claims. In addition to the specific benefits related to protein, fiber and other nutrients, adding beans to foods also offers the opportunity to help manufacturers include the appealing “serving of vegetables” claim to packaging.

Bean powders—made from ground cooked beans—provide one of the easiest ways to incorporate beans into familiar and new foods. These all-natural products have all the nutrition benefits of whole beans, including fiber and protein.

VegeFull™, a line of cooked ground bean products produced by the Archer Daniels Midland Company, provides a variety of bean powders that contain more than twice as much fiber and protein as whole-wheat flour.

VegeFull cooked bean products come fully cooked and ready to incorporate into a wide variety of applications, including snack foods, breads, pastas, tortillas and dips—products that are already part of American consumers’ daily diets. Several bean varieties and forms are available to help manufacturers achieve varying flavors, textures and colors. These bean products have a mild flavor that will not compete with other flavors in the products, making reformulation quick and efficient.

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