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Contact Us

Inquiry/Sales Support:
(Global Contact) 217-451-5151 or 866-726-7912
email: admlecithin@adm.com  
Non-GMO related email: nongmolecithin@adm.com

Tech Support:
(Europe/Middle East and Africa) Phone: +41 21 702 82 36
(North America/all other) Phone: 866-726-7912 email:FWTechService@adm.com  

Application Support (Global):
(Global Support) email: lecithinapplications@adm.com
Phone: 866-726-7912

Sample Request:
(Global Requests) Sample@adm.com
(Non-GMO Requests)  Sample@adm.com 
                                   Cc: nongmolecithin@adm.com


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