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Ultralec® Deoiled Lecithin

ADM’s exclusive Ultralec® ultrafiltered deoiled lecithin is ideal for food and nutritional applications requiring a dry lecithin with a bland flavor and low aroma. It is created through an ultrafiltration process that ensures unmatched quality and exceptional purity. It provides excellent emulsification properties in reduced fat and flavor-sensitive applications. It also plays a vital role in many animal nutrition applications. Ultralec® is available in three different granulation sizes: fine granule, granule and powder.

Why Ultralec®?
Ultralec® ultrafiltered deoiled lecithin:

  • Is derived from a natural source and results in cleaner labels than mono- and diglycerides
  • Promotes cognitive health benefits associated with choline
  • Provides versatility as either a stand-alone emulsifier or as an emulsifier system

Applications and benefits

  • Animal Nutrition
    -Reduces energy consumption during extrusion for aquaculture, feed, and pet food
    -Mobilizes dietary cholesterol within shrimp
    -Improves feed conversion ratio and growth rate in fish and eels
    -Reduces leaching rate of water-soluble nutrients from aquaculture feed pellets
  • Beverages
    -Improves dispersion of high- and low-fat powders
    -Aids hard-to-disperse powders during agglomeration
    -Reduces astringent flavor notes in high-protein formulations and improves mouthfeel
  • Baked Goods
    -Replaces, or works in combination with, mono- and diglycerides
    -Reduces stickiness for easier rolling
    -Increases shelf life and product quality
    -Facilitates moisture retention and elasticity in tortillas
  • Confectionery
    -Promotes even blending of ingredients
    -Increases softness and decreases tackiness in chewing gum
    -Prevents sticking and increases softness in caramel
    -Improves gloss and enhances uniformity and homogeneity
    -Reduces the effect of sugar and fat bloom
  • Human Nutrition
    -Helps disperse and bind fat in nutritional bars
    -Provides a valuable source of choline—40 percent more than fluid lecithin
  • Snacks
    -Facilitates even distribution of ingredients
    -Improves texture and mouthfeel
  • Soups, Gravies and Sauces
    -Improves dispersion of ingredients
    -Reduces fat cap and oil separation

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