Enzymatically Intersterified Oils and Shortenings 
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Enzymatically Interesterified Oils and Shortenings

A One-of-a-Kind Option
ADM was the first ingredient manufacturer in North America to use the enzymatic interesterification process commercially.  

Enzymatic interesterification increases processing flexibility and also provides numerous functional characteristics, including a sharper melting profile and a low-trans alternative that is fully functional.


EPA Green Chemistry Award winners
Archer Daniels Midland Company & Novozymes
Two major challenges facing the food and ingredient industry today are providing health-conscious products to the public and developing environmentally responsible production technology.

Archer Daniels Midland Company and Novozymes developed a way to make edible fats and oils that contain no trans fatty acids on a per serving basis.  Learn more

Products Applications
76-240-0 Interesterified Soybean Oil Baking, frying, sauces, dressings
76-242-0 Interesterified Soybean Oil  Frying, baking, industrial margarine
76-670-0 Interesterified Soybean Oil
Hydrogenated Soybean Oil
Frying, baking, industrial margarine
76-770-0 Interesterified Soybean Oil
Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil
Frying, baking, industrial margarine
74-550-0 Partially Hydrogenated Interesterified Palm Kernel Oil     Confections, coatings 
74-565-0 Partially Hydrogenated, Interesterified Palm Kernel Oil Confections, coatings 

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