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Salad Oils & Naturally Stable Oils

When you want consistency and taste, choose ADM oils.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of functional products that perform in both savory and sweet applications. We can also provide options tailor made to your unique needs and specifications.

From canola to sunflower derived choices, you will find the ingredient that is right for your dressings, sauces and marinades at ADM.  These oils can also provide solutions for frying operations looking to offer options which contain zero gram trans-fat per serving.

Products Applications
81-060-0 RBD Canola Oil    Baking, frying, sauces, dressings
81-069-0 RBD Omega 9 Canola Oil   Frying, spray oil, baking
82-060-0 RBD Cottonseed Oil   Frying, spray oil, baking
83-065-0 RBD NuSun® Frying, spray oil, baking
86-070-0 RBD Soybean Oil    Baking, frying, sauces, dressings
87-060-0 RBD Corn Oil     Frying, spray oil, baking


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